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When we first introduced this saw, it redefined the 14" Bandsaw market, incorporating many features that were either optional or simply unavailable as ...

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Laguna 14|Twelve is a an impressive 14" bandsaw with a massive 12" of resaw capacity and a powerful 1-3/4 HP110V motor.

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This 1-Horsepower 14-inch Band Saw Has Some Serious Kick With its 1 HP dual 120/240 voltage motor and nearly 100-inch blade length, this Craftsman ...

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Comparison of the 14" wood-cutting bandsaws currently offered by Grizzly Industrial: G0555 - 14" 1 HP Bandsaw, G0555P - 14" 1 HP Bandsaw, Polar ...

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How did we convert our Ultimate 14" Bandsaw to an Extreme Series machine? We’ll tell you: We added a closed cabinet stand with storage compartment ...

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The Laguna Bandsaw 14|12 is engineered to very exacting standards that any woodworker, professional, or hobbyist would be proud to own. Buy it here!