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The web page contains the following: Machinist Drill Bit Size Chart - ANSI Size Drill Chart, ISO Metric Drill Size Chart | Engineers Edge

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DRILL BIT CHART Fraction No.Size Metric Decimal Fraction No.Size Metric Decimal 80 .34 .0135 3/32 2.38 .0938 79 .37 .0145 41 2.44 .0960

Drill Bit Chart - The Way Tech

This charts will help you to decide which size drill bit to use in your scrolling. There is no one to one ...

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This chart shows decimal inch equivalents for fractional inch, wire size, letter size and metric drill bits up to two inches in diameter.

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Drill Bit Size Conversion Table. Drill bits from zero to one half inch are sized in four ways; fractions, wire gauge numbers, letters, and metric in ...

Fractional-inch drill bit sizes - Gewindenormen

ANSI B94.11M-1979, British thread, American thread

Tap and Drill Bit Size Calculator, Special Tap Calculator ...

Use this calculator for finding the drill bit size needed for any tap - even special sizes. Special Tap and Drill Bit Size Calculator.

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909 results found in all categories: DrillHog USA 1-1/2" Self Feed Bit Wood Hole Saw 1-1/2 Forstner Lifetime Warranty · Drill Hog USA 3/4" Drill Bit 3/4 ...

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Drill Bit Size Chart ... Millimeters: Inches: Designation: Tap Drill/Pilot.3429mm.0135" #80 .3683mm.0145"

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Drill Bits, Countersinks, Reamers & Counter-bores Last updated on Thursday, April 12, 2018 06:26:17 AM Eastern US Time Zone HOME. Drill Bits, Left-hand ...