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ATF DEXRON III - Dalol Oil Share Company | Oil Ethiopia

62 *The information and figures given here are typical of current production and conform to specifications, minor variations may occur. ATF DEXRON III

ATF - Dexron III 10W - Gulf Western Oil - Gulf Western Oil

DESCRIPTION. Auto Trans Fluid ATF DEX-III is a high performance automatic transmission fluid designed for all transmissions and gear boxes calling for a ...

TOTAL ATF DEXRON III - Padma Oil Company

FLUIDE AT 75 13 May 2004 This lubricant, when used according to our recommendations and for the purpose for which is intended, presents no particular hazards.

Dexron VI ATF Qt - Wolf's Head

Wolf’s Head Dexron® VI is a newly engineered, fully licensed, next generation 100% synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed and approved to meet ...

Valvoline DEXRON™ VI ATF : Product Catalog - Valvoline®

Valvoline DEXRON™-VI ATF is an automatic transmission fluid that can be used in new and old GM transmissions, is fully backward serviceable, and can be ...

DX III-H/M ATF Qt - Wolf's Head

WOLF'S HEAD DX III-H/M ATF is a premium multipurpose Automatic Transmission Fluid that meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the former Dexron ...

112.151 ATF DEXRON VI - UNIVERSAL - Green Star

F.lli GALBARINI SRL - Via Campestre, 41 - 20091 BRESSO (MI) C.F. e P.Iva 10121490154 Tel. (+39) 02 6101256 Fax (+39) 02 6108042 - [email protected] - www ...

ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluids) quick comparison table

Rev. Aug 2017 Sep 2014 Basestock SUN'SOIL SHELL MOBIL CALTEX CASTROL ATF Dexron VI GM Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, Toyota Type WS, JWS 3324, Nissan Matic S ...

Technical data sheet Template- ATF III-2 - Total

Title: Microsoft Word - Technical data sheet Template-ATF III-2 Author: f002489 Created Date: 6/7/2010 5:35:28 PM


DEXRON®-III MERCON® AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID pz6-01.00 A Superior Quality Multi-Functional Fluid For Automatic And Powershift Transmissions