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Adzuki bean - Wikipedia

The adzuki bean (Vigna angularis; from azuki (Japanese: アズキ(小豆)), sometimes transliterated as azuki or aduki, or English red mung bean) is an ...

Sweet Azuki Bean Soup With Mochi Recipe - Genius Kitchen

Make and share this Sweet Azuki Bean Soup With Mochi recipe from Genius Kitchen.

Anko - Wikipedia

Anko may mean or refer to: The Japanese name for anglerfish. Anko, a Japanese name for Red bean paste. Emperor Anko, the Japanese emperor. Anko Mitarashi ...

Anman - Steamed Buns With Azuki Sweet Red Bean) Paste ...

This is a popular snack in China and Japan. The buns are great right out of the steamer and can also be saved in the fridge for several days and reheated ...

Azuki arai |

小豆洗い あずきあらい TRANSLATION: the bean washer ALTERNATE NAMES: azuki togi (the bean grinder) HABITAT: remote forests; found throughout Japan ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Dry Beans -

black azuki bean = black adzuki bean = black aduki bean = asuki bean Equivalents: 1 cup dried yields 3 cups cooked beans Pronunciation: a-ZOO-kee ...

How To Make Anko (Red Bean Paste) • Just One Cookbook

Anko is used in many Japanese sweets and desserts. Here's an easy homemade Japanese red bean paste recipe, learn how to make anko from scratch.

Menu | T-swirl Crêpe

Fresh Mint Green Tea. Wild Berry Green Tea. Mango Green Tea

Sadaharu Aoki's Matcha Azuki: a Recreated Recipe · i am a ...

This matcha azuki cake was amazing! I mean, how could it not be with six layers of deliciousness? I’m no baker, but there’s something exciting about ...

Hyacinth Bean (Lablab Bean ) - Oriental Vegetable Seeds

There are many varieties of Hyacinth Bean that produce beautiful flowers and leaves in different colors. Plant are vigorous in warm climates and are often ...