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Bite Splint - Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint - Night Guard for ...

The Comfort H/S Hard Soft Bite Splint is the most widely prescribed bite splint due to its comfort and fit. Digitally store your retainer for future use.

What is an Authorized Comfort H/S™ bite splint lab?

Contact us to learn about the benefits of becoming an Authorized Comfort H/S Bite Splint Lab.

How does the bite splint treat bruxism, teeth clenching or ...

Comfort H/S Bite splints can make a world of difference for bruxism treatment, teeth grinding patients or those with TMJ symptoms.

TMJ Disorder Splint Therapy

Treatment for TMJ disorder can vary from simple self-care techniques to complex surgical procedures. One of the first stops in TMJ disorder treatment

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Occlusal splint therapy may be defined as “the art and science of establishing neuromuscular harmony in the masticatory system by creating a mechanical ...

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Tiger's Plastics Inc. Manufacturing of disposable plaster traps and dental packaging products including crown and bridge boxes, membrane boxes, lab pans.

Aqualizer® Dental Splints for TMJ Pain Relief and Treatment

The Aqualizer® differs from other dental splints in that it offers a TMJ pain relief treatment option which enables the body to naturally achieve balance.

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Using mouth guards during sports or athletic activity can help prevent dental damage. They can also be worn at night to prevent teeth grinding. Learn more ...

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Sufferers of malocclusion and TMJ disorders can find relief with our Aqualizer® dental splints. Our unique system is available in three different ...