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Supplies gear for military and law enforcement agencies. View products and contact information.

BLACKHAWK! Holster Selector - Search

The BLACKHAWK! Holster Selector Tool makes it simple for you to select the right holster for your handgun--and fast!

BLACKHAWK!® Sportster SERPA Holster : Cabela's

Thumb breaks can slow your draw and get in the way when you re-holster. But you won't experience those drawbacks with Blackha

Blackhawk Omnivore Multi-Fit Holster - LA Police Gear

The Blackhawk Omnivore Multi-Fit Holster accommodates more than 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns.

Blackhawk!® Ankle Holster – Right Ankle : Cabela's

Ankle-carry your handgun safely and confidently. The addition of a calf strap prevents your gun from sliding down your ankle.

BLACKHAWK! Carbon Fiber CQC Holster with SERPA Technology

Unique speed-cut design allows for smooth draw and easy re-holster without slowing you down. BLACKHAWK! CQC (Close Quarters Concealment) holsters and ...

Blackhawk Level 2 Serpa Light Bearing Holster for Xiphos ...

Finally a weapon light and holster combo that makes it practical to carry a light on a concealed handgun. The slim profile of the Xiphos light means that ...

LAPD Bans Use Of Blackhawk Serpa Holster - Soldier Systems ...

Earlier this week, we began to hear rumors that the Los Angeles Police Department had banned use of the Serpa Holster. We now have confirmation ...

BlackHawk gear at Galls, the public safety authority

Shop the latest BlackHawk Armor Carriers, Backpacks, Badge | ID Accessories, Bag | Organizer Accessories and more at

Gear Review: Blackhawk! Omnivore holsters customize to fit ...

Blackhawk has stepped up to the plate with a holster design that’s a real problem-solver for people who own or use multiple rail-style handguns.