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Cable Glossary: Amplifier Electronic component or circuit for amplifying power, current, or voltage. In this context, a pre-amplifier takes microphone ...

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Here are the Best XLR Cables for microphones both in the studio and for live performance.

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We do strongly recommend our vinyl-fans to make listening tests with both cable materials -silver & copper- at home ...

Accuphase Laboratory, Inc. Audio Cable OFC Series

Cannon type connectors. To accommodate equipment with Cannon (XLR) type connectors, Accuphase offers these cables with 3-pin Cannon type XLR connectors.

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Pangea Audio Premier True Balanced Audio Interconnects boast Cardas Grade One Copper conductors and black chrome plated Prime 500 XLRs with Teflon insulation.

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Cannon type connectors. To accommodate equipment with Cannon (XLR) type connectors, Accuphase offers these cables with 3-pin Cannon type XLR connectors.

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NES-1002, the 13AWG (2.5sqmm) UP-OCC Silver speaker cable, is designed with multi-size conductors and individual Polyethylene insulation. The inner braided ...

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NEP-series power cord cables use world-patented UP-OCC Technology Silver & Copper conductors, and has "UL" approved CL3 PVC inner insulation. Neotech NEP ...

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Almost any instrument that needs to be connected to an amplifier, mixer or PA requires some sort of Cable in order for the instrument to be heard.

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