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What are Bully Sticks? - Best Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are made from high-protein beef muscle which helps maintain clean teeth, a healthy coat, strong muscles and optimal brain function. At Best Bully Sticks, we offer a wide variety of bully sticks available in different lengths, widths, shapes and smells sure to entertain as well as improve your dog's health.

What Are Bully Sticks? | Animals - mom.me

Today, the bully stick -- also called a "pizzle" stick -- is in demand as a dog treat. The penises are dried, then cut into various sizes for marketing. Some manufacturers use chlorine or other chemicals to remove the natural odor, but conscientious consumers don't want to feed treated bully sticks to their pets.

Bully Sticks - All Natural Dog Treats & Dog Chews | My ...

Bully Sticks - Premium, all-natural, quality dog treats and chews from My Bully Sticks. Everyday low prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping ...

Bully Sticks - All Natural Dog Treats and Chews - Best ...

Neither Best Bully Sticks or its parent company, TDBBS, are liable to any person or animal for any loss or injury of any type that occurs from the use of a product sold under its brand or on its website, bestbullysticks.com. Always consult your animal's veterinarian before introducing any toy, treat, chew, or supplement into its diet.

What Are Bully Sticks? | PawCulture

There also isn’t a lot of research on the topic of bully stick safety. One study analyzed the nutritional and microbial components of bully sticks. Of the 26 bully sticks purchased, one contained C. difficile, one had methicillin-resistant S. aureus, and seven had E. coli.

Bully Sticks - Low Odor & Odor Free - All-Natural ...

Buy premium, odor-free and low-odor, regular, thick and braided bully sticks. Available in 6 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch sizes.