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Since October 2012, shortly after we resolved the paperwork SNAFU and resumed the project, we’ve been pushing hard every weekend trying to get the Roamer ...

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Aerosil-Cabosil (Fumed Silica) ( Aer-o-sil 200 ) Thickening agent for epoxies, polyesters, and urethanes.

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The formation of a dispersed titanium oxide layer on Cabosil-fumed silica and on nonporous silica spheres was studied by infrared and Raman spectroscopies ...

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Please note before you start reading this older post that I have long since included a version in the mouldmaking section of my Materials pages ...

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Metakaolin based geopolymer coatings on both stainless and mild steel substrates have been prepared. Adhesion of the geopolymer coatings strongly depended ...

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