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Freezie Wrap ® ColdCure Technology ® Giving You the Best Cold Compression Therapy Available!

Foot ColdCure® Wrap - King Brand Shop

ColdCure® Wrap for your foot by King Brand Healthcare Products®

King Brand ColdCure Information

Take ColdCure ® With You. ColdCure ® Wraps aren't just for home use. Take the wrap to work, school, the gym, on holiday - wherever you go! ColdCure ...

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The Ultimate Solution: If you really want to get better, here's exactly what you need to do. Wear a ColdCure ® Wrap as much as possible to relieve your ...

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My Inferno Wrap is absolutely perfectly designed, and absolutely perfectly works as advertised. My first-20 minute treatment tells it all: My Inferno Wrap ...

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Dear MendMeShop, This is Rob Long - Melissa's husband. I wanted to write another review and rave about the Inferno Wrap. I received both the cold and hot ...

Ice (Cold) vs Heat - What's Better to Treat Frozen Shoulder?

Dear MendMeShop, As you know the shoulder is a difficult area to Ice. Since I got my Freezie wrap, it has become so easy to do my treatments.

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Dear MendMeShop, I wanted to get back to you with feedback about the Inferno Wrap. So far we are very pleased with the size, light weight, flexibility and ...