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Specializing in Dominant Buck Urine, Double Doe Urine, and Doe in Estrous.

Pennsylvania's golden harvest: Deer urine -

Deer farmers can sell urine for up to $110 a gallon. Hunters use it to mask their scent and draw in trophy bucks. - Jason Nark, Philadelphia Inquirer and ...

Deer Repellent - Coyote Urine Granules

Shake-Away Organic Animal Repellent naturally repels lawn & garden animals deer, rabbits, & squirrels. Shake-Away duplicates nature's design using 100% non ...

The Best Whitetail Deer Urine for Hunting - Nationwide Scents

Nationwide Scents is a family-owned wholesale and retail deer urine collection farm. Find the best hunting scents and deer attractants in our online store.

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PredatorPee Predator Urine coyote repellent, wolf urine, coyote urine, bobcat urine, fox urine, mt. lion urine, cougar urine, panther urine, bear urine ...

Masking Scents, Cover Scents, and Attractor Scent Products ...

If you are looking for masking scents, cover scents, and food scents, including the trophy leaf, scent wafers, fox urine, coon urine, pine, earth, acorn ...

Human Urine: Does it Help or Hurt Deer Hunting?

We take a look at the controversial topic of whether or not human urine attracts or deters deer.

Buck Magic | Whitetail Deer Attractants & Buck Lures

Buck Magic is a line of Extreme Potency Buck Attractants created from Doe Urine to Lure Whitetail Deer during the Deer Hunting Season.

Money, Power, and Deer Urine | The New Yorker

Elam Lapp, Jr., like many Amish people, always wanted to be a farmer, but he knew it was a difficult way to make money. Before the nineteen-seventies, most ...

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Join avid bowhunter & outdoorsman Dan Furmanik as he shares his methods & techniques of "Firing Up The Rut" using Paul Pollick's #1 Selling Doe-In-Heat Lure..