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We have the widest selection of directional audio speakers with over 30 different standard models and unlimited possibilities for special designs.

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SOUND DOME DIRECTIONAL AUDIO Our directional speakers focus on you. Because we hold the patent on the sound dome's hemispheric design, we are able to ...

Brown Innovations Directional Audio - Directional Speakers

Brown Innovations provides directional speaker solutions for any environment.

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ACOUstic SPAce DElimiter – Directional Speaker The Acouspade™ hyper directional speaker enables you to focus a beam of sound to a specific point in the ...

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Woody Norris shows off two of his inventions that use sound in new ways, including the Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD. He talks about his ...

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Sound from ultrasound is the name given here to the generation of audible sound from modulated ultrasound without using an active receiver. This happens ...

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Dodecahedron loudspeaker tapping machine end dodecahedron speaker. We are builders of tapping machine, omni directional sound source, acoustics sources and ...

Directional | Definition of Directional by Merriam-Webster

The mostly directional moves in asset prices early in the quarter -- a steady drop in the dollar’s value, upwardly moving interest rates -- devolved into ...

Directional Traffic Advisor Light Bars & Lights | STL

Directional traffic advisor light bars & lights can be useful in a variety of situations. SpeedTech Lights offers many options for you to choose from.

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The S-Ray (sound-ray) speakers designed by the C-Lab aims to allow users to listen to music without interference from other sounds – and without ...