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P100: Light in the Palm of Your Hand. This high CRI, 100W light is a well of possibilities. With a form factor designed for most surfaces, the P100 can be utilized for many different situations such as for a catch light, an on-camera light, or even a 3-point lighting setup.

Fiilex - P101 Battery-Powered LED Light - B&H Photo Video

P100; An asset on-camera or off, the Fiilex P101 Battery-Powered LED Light, also called the "Brick", was originally designed for use as an "eye light" to ...

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The P100 is a powerhouse of a light in a small package. This intense 12 watt LED is perfect for when the whole world is your studio. A ...

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One test in store, and the P100 left in my bag and comes out as often as required. Not because I get paid to say nice things, I don’t get any compensation from Fiilex, though with such a superior product I would be proud to have Fiilex as a sponsor. I’m saying nice things because the Fiilex P100 light is Pretty.

Fiilex LED Accessory - Half Yoke for P100

The Half Yoke is highly durable piece of steel that is designed exclusively for use with the P100. Bring the P100 off-camera to be used as an out-of-sight accent or fill light. The P100 attaches to the Half Yoke via a universal 1/4"-20 stud that secures to the bottom of the P100.

P100 UserManual 20160616 - Fiilex

Remove Battery Press Battery Lock (F) and slide Battery (K) away. Charge There are two options for charging the P100. The first option uses AC power to

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Fiilex S282 & S284 Kit. The Fiilex S-Kits are perfect for videographers and photographers who place a premium on portability. Rather than a cumbersome case, the S-282 comes packed into the lightweight Fiilex Agility Backpack.

P100 Battery Powered LED Light - Fiilex

The Fiilex P100, aka “The Brick” is a battery powered LED light created for on-camera use as an eye light. Though the P100 is also highly functional as ...

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The P100 is a powerhouse of a light in a small package. This intense 12 watt LED is perfect for when the whole world is your studio. A professional light ...

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