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Foam concrete, also known as foamed concrete, foamcrete, cellular lightweight concrete or reduced density concrete, is defined as a cement based slurry ...

Celluler Lightweight Concrete ( Foam Concrete ) Technologies

Equipments / Foam Agent / Engineering for Foam Concrete Production. We supply all in one systems and perfect product guarantee.

Foam Concrete, CLC | Luca Industries International GmbH

Luca Industries International delivers foamed concrete technology, foaming agent, foam generator, foam concrete, cellular lightweight concrete, insulating ...

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L.L.E.05.12.2012 Finally the official translation: A simple and inexpensive method to manufacture the foam needed to obtain the Aerate Concrete.

How to Make Concrete Foam | Hunker

Concrete foam, also called foamed concrete or aerated concrete, is a porous building material with bubbles throughout the concrete. Foam concrete does not ...

What Is Foam Concrete? | Hunker

Foam concrete is a cement material manufactured by mixing a cement paste, also called slurry, or mortar with a manufactured foam material. This makes a ...

Foam Concrete Advantages - Foam Concrete

High Strength with Low Density Typical cast densities range from 350-1600 kg/m3,with compressive strengths of 0.2 to 12+ MPa respectively. With its low ...

Isolite Foam Concrete

The future prospect of foam concrete? Foam concrete may well be used in the runway organization system, shipping dock collision wall etc.

Foam Concrete: Applications & Advantages

Foam Concrete is a great choice for certain applications and can also save you a lot of time and money. Take a look at our latest article to find out how

The technology of foamed concrete production

The technology of foam concrete production using GreenFroth is very simple. First all, the 2,5 % water solution mixture is prepared out of the foaming ...