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candy or fondant is used to feed bees in time of need or for other manipulations.

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Honey . Despite the fact that on first observation it would seem obviously correct, honey is not the best feed for bees. Honey is in essence bee food that ...

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M aking fondant is much like making hard candy. You boil the sugar in as little water as possible and keep a close watch on your candy thermometer.

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F or several years I’ve been looking for a way to combine a moisture quilt with a candy board. I wrote a post about this a while back, but the board in ...

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When you receive your queen, I would suggest you first introduce her to a nuc of young queenless bees rather than directly trying to requeen a full colony ...

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Coolmore Bees provides pollination services, beekeeping courses as well as offering bees for sale.

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Company selling beekeeping equipment, from beginners kits and hardware to medications and protective clothing. History and product overview.

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When feeding bees, it is the sugar, not the water that the bees need. By mixing the sugar to water at different ratios, the beekeeper can encourage certain ...