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Bicycle® Jumbo Index – Playing Cards

Get our classic Bicycle® Rider Back Playing Cards with a Jumbo Index that will give you a clear read of your hand during a competitive game.

Collectors Playing Cards: Indices on Playing Cards

The three cards illustrated on the right are examples of 19th century playing cards with square cut corners and no indices. Just one significant ...

Bicycle® Standard Index – Playing Cards

From professional card players to the neighborhood game night, Bicycle® playing cards are part of the gaming tradition.

Jumbo Index versus Standard Index Playing Cards

Jumbo Index Cards versus Standard Index Cards. Playing cards are identified by their ranks & suits which can be printed on playing cards in the small ...

Regular versus Jumbo Index - Kem Cards

A playing card's index refers to the collective corner markings of the playing card. These corner markings are commonly known as pips. When we are talking ... : Bicycle Rider Back Index Playing Cards ... : Bicycle Rider Back Index Playing Cards (COLORS MAY VARY- SINGLE PACK) : Sports & Outdoors

What is Jumbo Index? - Bridge Playing Cards

Playing cards are identified by their ranks & suits which can be printed on playing cards in the small traditional fashion we call “Standard Index”; or ...

Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards. Sub-Categories. Bicycle Poker Jumbo Index. Pinochle Regular Index. Pinochle Jumbo Index. Bicycle Bridge Regular Index. Bicycle Rider ... index playing cards index playing cards. ... Plastic coated bicycle playing cards Poker sized, jumbo index. Brybelly 12 Decks (6 Red/6 Blue) Wide-Size, ...

Playing card - Wikipedia

A playing card is a piece of ... Packs with corner and edge indices (i.e. the value of the card printed ... Short history of playing cards; Playing card ...