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Kahr PM9 - Style # PM9093A, Kahr Shop/ Pistols

PM9093A (3.1 Barrel) Black polymer frame, matte stainless slide MSRP: $810.00

Kahr PM9 Lightweight Compact* 9mm Auto Pistol

Our guns are shrinking. In some instances shrinkage is a bad thing, but as it pertains to carry guns and waistlines, shrinkage can be good. Due to the ever ...

Kahr PM series - Wikipedia

The Kahr PM series (Polymer Micro) is a series of double action only (DAO) hammerless, striker-fired, short recoil operated, semi-automatic pistols ...

Kahr PM9 w/ CT Laser Sight - Style # PM9093L, Kahr Shop ...

Discontinued from March 2015PM9093L (3.1 Barrel) Black polymer frame, matte stainless slide and Crimson Trace® laser sight MSRP: $954.00

Gun Review: Kahr PM9 Initial Impressions - The Truth About ...

Robert and Ralph keep telling me to get a Smith & Wesson Airweight revolver and be done with it. But I am just not a revolver guy (yet). With summer on the ...

Kahr PM9 - YouTube

Some shooting and early observations with my new PM9, Kahr's smallest and lightest polymer framed 9mm pistol ...

Kahr PM9 vs Walther PPS - YouTube

Comparison between two very sweet single stack 9mm pistols. Not a lot to dislike about either one ...

Cylinder & Slide's Custom Upgrades For The Kahr PM9

There are a range of pocket pistols available, and a few where custom work takes the game up a notch, like Cylinder & Slide's recent work with the Kahr PM9.

Semi-automatics at mouseguns.com

Note: Mouseguns' goal here is to list semi-auto pistols that weigh less than 16 ounces. Sometimes, we let one in that weighs just a little more.

Kahr PM45 .45 ACP Big Bore Pocket Pistol - GunBlast

Just about five months ago I reviewed Kahr’s tiny polymer-frame PM9 pocket pistol. Like all Kahr pistols, it proved to be a high quality, reliable little ...