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EOTech | Weapon Accessories for Military, Police, and ...

Holographic weapon sights for law enforcement and military applications.

EOT - Electro-Optics Technology

Development and manufacture of Faraday rotators, isolators, and photodetectors for use in industrial laser systems. Includes product details and technical ...

L3 Insight Technology

Electro-Optical, Night Vision Systems, Thermal, Precision Targeting, and Laser Aiming Solutions

L3 Technologies

Solutions Center . Solutions from A to Z. Locate products, services, and divisions quickly.

EOTech Buyer BEWARE! - YouTube

This video covers the purchase of an EOTech clone optic. This optic fooled a few people before it reached my hands as being an authentic EOTech ...

L-3 Mobile-Vision is a leader in law enforcement ...

L-3 Mobile-Vision is a pioneer in the field of law enforcement technology. Their expertise & wide range of technology creates a customized solution.

Contact L-3 Mobile-Vision : L3 Mobile-Vision

Contact L-3 Mobile-Vision by email or phone for the most comprehensive suite of products specifically designed and implemented for first responders.

Military Products - L3 Insight Technology

Electro-Optical, Night Vision Systems, Thermal, Precision Targeting, and Laser Aiming Solutions

L3 Technologies - Wikipedia

L3 Technologies, formerly L-3 Communications Holdings, is an American company that supplies command and control, communications, intelligence, surveillance ...

EOTech 200 Yard Target Session (No Magnification) - YouTube

200 yard target shooting session with the EOTech 516 Holographic Weapons System. Sight is mounted to my AR15 carbine; Rock River Arms upper ...