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Ledum is an important remedy for tissue repair. Use Ledum for injuries, swelling, tissue trauma. Ledum is useful following dental work, medical procedures, falls, bruising. Ledum is used for injuries where infection is a risk such as puncture wounds. Use Ledum for puncture wounds such as bug, tick, animal, and insect bites.

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Ledum palustre is a homeopathic medicine that helps with insect bites.

Ledum Palustre Homeopathic First Aid Remedy

Thank you for comment. You did not mention what strength of the Ledum palustre you purchased. Whether it was the 6c, 12C, 30C, or 200C, you have taken enough of the remedy. My recommendation is to take a single dose and not repeat it.

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Out of scope - Out of scope for RxNorm and will not receive RxNorm normal forms. Out of scope information includes radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media ...

Ledum palustre - Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Ledum Palustre (Led.) for Athletes and Sports Injury Read about how to dose this remedy. Cold black eyes and bruising from eye injury around the eye. If ...

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Buy Ledum Palustre 30C (Marsh-tea, Ledum)Ledum Palustre is available in the potencies, formats and brands specified below. If you do not see what you ...

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Helios Homeopathy - Ledum 30C 4G Dispenser

The remedy is made from the Ledum palustre plant using the whole plant including the root. Contents: 40 sucrose pills (approx) in a dispenser which ...

Ledum_Homeopathic _Materia_Medica - Pet Remedy Charts

Ledum - Homeopathic uses ... Ledum palustre Homeopathic remedy for Puncture Wounds - Pressure Sores - Vaccine Reactions ... it's Ledum 30c or 200c to the ...

Ledum Homeopathic Treatment discussion: - When to Suspect Lyme

Ledum Homeopathic Treatment discussion: Several months ago, ... Also, I occassionally had the reaction within minutes of taking the Ledum (30c) ...