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Trinken Makes the Ultimate Stealth Beer Cozy and Other ...

How to drink beer in public, keep your drink cold and sneak a can wherever you want. Trinken Lids are the ultimate stealth beer cozy.

Lolo Lids the Ultimate Beer Koozie by Jerry Mcarthur ...

Lolo lids looks like your average coffee cup lid from the top, but the bottom is where the magic happens. A snap fitting holds your beer in by the upper rim suspending it in the cup. Sliding the suspended beer into any standard coffee cup creates an air insulated super koozie that disguises your drink and keeps it ice cold.

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On a hot day, Tinken Lids will keep your beer cold, longer than a traditional beer cozy, with the added bonus of being discrete. Trinken Lids feature an ergonomically designed rim and spout that is much nicer to drink out of than a regular can. In addition, the secondary air hole keeps your beer flowing smoothly.

Lolo Lids: A Stealth Beer Koozie That Makes It Look Like ...

Lolo Lids are currently in a funding phase on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of February 2016, so go reserve yours now, or get more info on their website. Also be sure to check out the lids in action via the video below.

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For the most part, it’s probably a good thing that most states and cities in the U.S. have open container laws. Keeping the party in the bar or inside a ... Seller Profile: Lolo Lids

Tax Information Sales tax is not separately calculated and collected in connection with items ordered from Lolo Lids through the Site unless ...

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Drink your beer on the down Lolo with this lid of subterfuge. Disguised as a to-go coffee lid, the Lolo fits over a can of beer, which then slides into most any large paper coffee cup to form a covert koozie. Sneaky, sneaky for festivals, airplanes, walking down the street, and sitting at your desk at work.

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The Lolo Lid beer read at 42.7 degrees, up only 8.2 degrees, keeping significantly cooler than the naked beer. I continued the test for another 10 minutes and the readings continued to be consistent. The naked beer was up to 66.5 degrees, eww with the warm beer, while the Lolo cup was at 52.9 degrees.

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Lolo Lids features an ergonomically designed rim and spout that is much nicer to drink out of than a regular can. In addition, the secondary air hole keeps your beer flowing smoothly. After trying a Lolo you'll never want to drink out of a can again.

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