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Maxi-Lock Thread - SewingPartsOnline. Everything Sewing, Delivered quickly to your door.

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76 colors and guaranteed lowest prices! Our best-selling thread of all time, and no wonder! Maxi-Lock is the most versatile thread on the market today and ...

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Since I use my serger while making costumes for the theatre and usually serger everything… I started buying 3 regular spools of thread alike..for my serger.

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Maxi-Lock® meets the demands of serger sewing like no other thread, withstanding the high speeds and tensions that are unique to serging. That’s why ...

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Good quality thread can make—or literally break— a sewing project. Find the best sewing thread, quilting thread, and embroidery thread at Nancy’s ...

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2/3/4 Thread serger with automatic rolled hem Color coded threading breakaway looper external adjustment for stitch length and differential feed

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A smash hit new release from Maxi-Lock! Serger textured Nylon thread feels soft like yarn. 2,000 yards per spool and available in 36 delicious colors.

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All thread is sold by-the-spool/cone or 'each' with the exception of thread sets and the few threads that are offered on a special order basis.

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Purchase Gutermann Thread at a discount. Every color and size of Gutermann Silk, Polyester Sew-All, Machine Quilting, Cotton Sewing and Upholstery Thread ...