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DEARBORN, MI – Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) has announced MERCON V as the replacement for MERCON Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Effective ...

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PETROLEUM QUALITY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA TEST PROGRAM. The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) is an independent resource for information and ...

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ChevronTexaco DEXRON®-III/MERCON® Automatic Transmission Fluid Categories: Fluid; Lubricant. Material Notes: General Description


DEXRON®-III MERCON® AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID pz6-01.00 A Superior Quality Multi-Functional Fluid For Automatic And Powershift Transmissions

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Havoline® Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is a premium quality synthetic transmission fluid that is recommended for most modern 6+ speed automatic ...

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To Flush or Not to Flush? Flushing out the old ATF and replacing it with new fluid can prolong the life of a transmission, provided the fluid is changed ...

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WOLF'S HEAD DX III-H/M ATF is a premium multipurpose Automatic Transmission Fluid that meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the former Dexron ...