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Warning. Always consult your doctor or other practitioner knowledgeable in sauna use before beginning a sauna therapy program. Saunas are powerful devices ...

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Single near infrared heat lamps are a simple and inexpensive, yet incredibly effective treatment for pain, muscle strains, rashes, acne, infections and more.

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Hypoallergenic. Beautifully handcrafted. Intelligent design for the modern mobile sauna enthusiast. Ultra-low EMF incandescent (tungsten) heat lamps for ...

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Natural infrared. Sunlight, at an effective temperature of 5,780 kelvins, is composed of near thermal-spectrum radiation that is slightly more than half ...

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Thanks for the article! If this is true “Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism patients were exposed to near infrared (830 nm) radiation of the skin over the ...

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3. The health effects of red light and near-infrared radiation: A few examples of the clinical study results . Age-related macular degeneration