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3-D router pantograph - Woodworking for engineers

3-D router pantograph. This is my 3-D router pantograph. Unlike other router pantographs, this pantograph also controls the router's depth of cut.

Pantorouter - - Woodworking for engineers

The Pantorouter. I call this machine the "pantorouter" because it's essentially a big pantograph mechanism with a router in it. It's used to route shapes ...

building a 3D router pantograph - YouTube

Plans: My version of a homemade router pantograph. Router pantographes able to produce nice 3d letters ...

DIY - Simple Router Pantograph! (How To) - YouTube

How to Build A Simple Router Pantograph. This step by step video will show you how you can build your own router pantoghraph . Quick and easy ...

Pantograph - Wikipedia

History. The first pantograph was constructed in 1603 by Christoph Scheiner, who used the device to copy and scale diagrams, but he wrote about the ...


Lutherie Jigs and Fixtures. I've created a new website for my instrument building which supersedes this page. Please go to Ebi Ukuleles to see more.

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Router Accessories from Lee Valley Tools (Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Joinery Jig, Leigh Super & Pro FMT Jigs, Leigh R9 Plus™ Joinery Jig, Leigh D4R Pro ...