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Patagonia Friction Belt. For climbing, camping or kicking it in town, the simple and multifunctional Friction Belt is made of 1" nylon webbing. Light and supple, the low-profile Friction Belt keeps your pants where you want them with flexible, 1-inch-wide nylon webbing that dries quickly and serves double-duty for any last-minute strapping jobs.

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Dependable and versatile, the Patagonia Friction Belt keeps your pants up and serves as an emergency lash strap when you need it. The nylon webbing dries rapidly, and the aluminum buckle has an anodized, anticorrosive finish to keep it strong.

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Great belt. I love the minimalist style of this belt, works great for backpacking and everyday use. It's also great if you are in need of a strap when in the backcountry for cinching something down or even to your pack, the friction aspect of the belt does not loosen at all.

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For climbing, camping or kicking it around town, the simple and multifunctional Patagonia Friction belt is made of 1 in. nylon webbing. Strong, quick-drying 1 in. nylon webbing doubles as an emergency lash strap.

Patagonia Friction Belt

Simple and multifunctional, the low-profile Patagonia Friction Belt keeps your pants where you want them for climbing, camping or just kicking it in town.

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Perfect for flats fishing thanks to ist anticorrosive buckle. Light and supple, the low-profile Friction Belt...

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"Light and supple, the low-profile Friction Belt keeps your pants where you want them with flexible, 1-inch-wide polyester webbing that dries quickly ...

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