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The only place to get official Peel iPhone & Android cases. Super thin and branding free while maintaining the aesthetic of your phone. peel cell phone case

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Peel is the original & best super thin (.35mm) iPhone 6/6s case. It’s designed to keep the original look of your phone while still protecting it.

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Peel Super Thin iPhone 6 Case Review. I wish I lived in a world where I would never be clumsy enough to drop my phone and one where the materials that ...

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Peel has created a super-thin, almost non-existent case for iPhone. Their concept protects your phone with minimal increases in weight and bulk, and keeps ...

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Peel iPhone Case Review. ... I came across Peel Case which a lot of people were ... It does not protect your phone from drops. This case is not meant to do ... iphone peel case

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The folks at Peel designed these cases with only one goal: to protect your phone without obstructing its design. These super-slim cases clock in at an ...