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A candy cane is a cane-shaped stick candy often associated with Christmastide, as well as Saint Nicholas Day. It is traditionally white with red stripes ...

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These old-fashioned Candy Cane Christmas Cookies are so just darling for holiday baking! Red and white peppermint cookies dough, twisted into a sweet ...

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Every Christmas my friends and family look forward to this in the cookie tins I make for all of them. They get very upset when I do not make this. It is so ...

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Hooked on traditional holiday baking? These candy cane twists are Christmas classics.

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Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies taste like peppermint candy but are simply candy cane sugar cookies and are the best Christmas cookies! Peppermint Candy Cane ...

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Make your favorite sugar scrub for a lot less than what you would pay at the stores! Combine sugar, coconut oil, and scented oil to make your favorite scrub.

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DIY sugar scrubs are the perfect holiday gift! Get my popular vanilla peppermint sugar scrub recipe here.

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It's hard to resist grabbing a candy cane when you see them all around you during the holiday season. While a peppermint candy cane consists mostly of...

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Fluffy marshmallows made from scratch, with a peppermint swirl. Easy to make for homemade gifts, and incredible in a cup of warm hot cocoa! ‘Tis the ...

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Give out homemade treats that are great in hot cocoa -- or straight from the bag. Peppermint marshmallows are easy to make; they get their red swirl from a ...