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Notes: The page remembers your most recent position/zoom/map-type for the next time you visit. If you haven't visited before, it tries to ...

Planimeter - Wikipedia

A planimeter, also known as a platometer, is a measuring instrument used to determine the area of an arbitrary two-dimensional shape.

The Planimeter - Whistler Alley

The planimeter is a drafting instrument used to measure the area of a graphically represented planar region. The region being measured may have any ...

polar planimeter - Wabash College

The picture on the left shows the planimeter ready to measure the area of a region. On the right is a disassembled view. The tracer point is equipped with ...

1.) Digital Planimeter - HAFF

Gebrueder HAFF, manufacturers of planimeter, drawing and mathematical instruments, Compasses

How does the planimeter work? -

The planimeter is a mechanical device for measuring areas in the plane. It has the shape of a ruler with two legs. One leg of length 1 connects the fixed ...

Planimeter Planimetre Planimetro - HAFF

Gebrueder HAFF, manufacturers of planimeter, drawing and mathematical instruments, Compasses

The Logic Group Home Page

The Logic Groups sells GTCO Calcomp digitizing tablets and develops software for cnc, cad and cutting industries, oil and gas, construction and building ...

Land Area Calculator or Measurement Methods: Planimeter ...

This article discusses various methods for calculating or measuring the area of the land like simple geometrical method, planimeter on the map, using ...

Google Maps Planimeter Calculate Area On Earth

The page remembers your most recent position/zoom/map-type for the next time you visit. If you haven't visited before, it tries to figure out your location ...