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Begin a Legendary Year with Palkia and Dialga. Pick up a code card at GameStop by February 28, 2018, to add the powerful Palkia or Dialga to your game.

Pokédex | Pokemon.com

Use the Advanced Search to explore Pokémon by type, weakness, Ability, and more!

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A full Pokedex covering Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow to Black and White - and everything in between! With information on abilities, dex entries, locations ...

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This is a list of Pokémon in the order dictated by the National Pokédex, meaning that Pokémon from the Kanto region will appear first, followed by those ...

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Type to start searching. Pokemon. Abomasnow

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Welcome to the Serebii.net International Pokédex for Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This Pokédex provides an in-depth look at all 721 ...

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This is a list of all Pokémon in Pokémon Sage, ordered by Pokédex number.

Serebii.net Sun & Moon Pokédex

Welcome to the Serebii.net International Pokédex for Pokémon Sun & Moon. This Pokédex provides an in-depth look at all 802 Pokémon in the 7th generation.

Smogon Strategy Pokedex

Welcome! Smogon is a Pokémon website and community specializing in the art of competitive battling.

Pokémon GO Pokédex 151

Pokémon GO Pokédex. This Pokédex catalogs all Pokémons CP and Status and Moves in detail. To capture all of the Pokémons, please make good use of this ...