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Razer made a smartphone, and it’s an all-black version of ...

Tech — Razer made a smartphone, and it’s an all-black version of the Nextbit Robin But don't call this $699 handset a "gaming phone." Valentina ...

Smartphone for Gamers - Razer Phone

Razer unveils the ultimate smartphone for mobile entertainment. Featuring a 5.7-inch 120Hz UltraMotion screen, Dolby Atmos and THX certified audio.

Razer phone review | Stuff

PC gaming tech gets squeezed into a smartphone for the first time

Razer Phone Hands-On: The Smartphone For Gamers - YouTube

The idea of a smartphone built just for gamers is not a new one (recall my throwback video featuring the Nokia NGage from 2003). For PC gaming ...

Razer Smartphone Launch Event Live Blog (8pm UTC)

03:34PM EDT - Razer is in London to launch a new smartphone (as shown by the launch photo above) for gamers. We're here ready to follow the keynote headed ...

Razer's Biggest Unveiling - Coming Soon | Razer

Don't miss out the biggest unveiling. Sign up here to be the first to receive updates on the big reveal.

Razer Phone is a sharp Android smartphone for gamers ...

Razer has finally taken the wraps off of the Razer Phone, its first step into the smartphone market.

Razer's first smartphone specs have leaked, and it looks ...

Razer's new smartphone is only expected to launch on Nov. 1, but the leaks have already begun. According to Phone Radar, a listing has already ...

Razer's first ever smartphone could be coming next month

The gaming hardware maker has teased the launch of a new device, which looks like it could be a smartphone.

Razer designed its first smartphone to make holding it ...

Gaming company Razer designed its first phone to be "horizontal first."