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SONOS - Open Box - PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music - White. We found 763 open box, clearance, and sales items from SONOS - Open Box - PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music - White. sonos play 1 refurbished

Electronics. Wireless & Streaming Audio Systems; Wireless Multiroom Digital Music Systems + See All 2 Departments; Home & Business Services-See Fewer ...

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The compact size of the Play 1 means only one thing, it can be placed almost anywhere, however, don Incht let its compact size fool you, it packs a pun...

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Refurbished connect amp; Question ... In the end they offered me a refurbished unit for £349. ... Sonos One PLAY:1 PLAY:3 PLAY:5 ...

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We've got a great deal on Refurbished Sonos Play 1 Compact Wireless Speaker - White.

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The PLAY:1 works on its own as a single speaker, but it also supports left/right stereo separation when paired with another PLAY:1 speaker in the same room. If you're more ambitious, you can fill every room in your home with any combination of Sonos...

Refurbished Sonos Sale | Up to 70% Off | Best Deals Today

Lowest price on refurbished sonos ... Flexson Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 White Single Refurbished ... Flexson Premium Floor Stand For Sonos Play:1 ...

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I'm looking at getting a refurbished Playbar, ... Sonos and Sonos ... Sonos One PLAY:1 ...

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Every sonos product I own has been an open box from Best Buy and I'm up to 8. My most recent play 1 I got for 139.00 and I found a playbar they had opened and talked them down to 450.00.