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A great way to trim tree branches that are high up in a tree.

How to Make a Rope-and-Chain Saw to Prune High Tree Limbs

A rope chain saw cuts wood with sharpened teeth, using the same principle as a power chainsaw, except you provide the muscle to move the chain across the wood. rope chain saw

PockeTech 48 Inch High Limb Hand Chain Saw - Blades on BOTH Sides so it Doesn't Matter How it Lands- Comes with Blade Sharpener, Ropes, Throwing Weight ...

Rope Chain Saw - YouTube

Abby helping me try out our new rope chain saw on a high limb on our Black Walnut tree that was overhanging into our neighbor's yard. You just ...

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Find great deals on eBay for rope chain saw and rope saw. Shop with confidence.

Green Mountain Products High Limb Chain Saw . Rope Pull ...

Green Mountain Products High Limb Chain Saw. Rope Pull Saw in action part 2. Making the final cut on an oak limb

HigH REACH ROPE CHAin sAw - Harbor Freight

HigH REACH ROPE CHAin sAw Model 97092 sEt uP And OPERAting instRuCtiOns Diagrams within this manual may not be drawn proportionally. Due to continuing ...

Rope Saw : 11 Steps - Instructables

I needed to remove some tree limbs that were touching my roof, about 25-30 feet up, no extension ladder. You can buy a rope saw... $40-$50 :-(I used what I ...

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Shop 3 Logging Chainsaws Rope Chainsaws products at Northern Tool + Equipment

Professional High Limb Rope Chainsaw - Northern Tool

No more balancing acts! No more expensive tree service bills! Just toss this Rope Saw's safety weight over the hard-to-reach branch you ...