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The premier alcohol treatment program ... Control or eliminate alcohol use using the “Sinclair Method” A Non 12-Step Outpatient Program

The Sinclair Method | The Sinclair Method Home Page describes the research by Dr David Sinclair on the treatment for Alcoholism

What is the Sinclair Method? | SinclairMethod.Org

The Sinclair Method for Alcoholism is an evidence-based treatment for alcoholism using the medication Naltrexone. The treatment does not require abstinence.

The Sinclair Method | The Cure For Alcoholism by Dr Roy Eskapa

The Cure for Alcoholism by Dr Roy Eskapa is a guide to using The Sinclair Method to treat Alcoholism, which was developed by Dr David Sinclair.

About The Sinclair Method (TSM) - C Three Foundation

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a treatment for alcohol addiction that uses a technique called pharmacological extinction--the use of an opiate blocker to ...

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The Sinclair Coefficients are a method to compare different weight classes in olympic weightlifting. It replaced Hoffman's formula, which was the first ...

The Sinclair Method – Hints and Tips – C3 Foundation Europe

This article is to give those new to The Sinclair Method (TSM) a good understanding of what constitutes good practice for TSM. If you find that your ...

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The ZX81 is a home computer that was produced by Sinclair Research and manufactured in Dundee, Scotland by Timex Corporation. It was launched in the United ...

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Earl Henry Sinclair's fictitious trip to America . Brian Smith . This article appears in the New Orkney Antiquarian Journal, vol. 2, 2002. It appears here ...

C3 Foundation Europe – Raising Awareness For The Sinclair ...

WELCOME TO C3 FOUNDATION EUROPE! The C3 Foundation Europe was established in 2014 and became a registered charity in 2016. Our aim is to raise awareness of ...