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Name: Colors and flavors: Notes: Year: Original Skittles: Blackcurrant or Grape (purple), see notes; Lemon (yellow) Green Apple or Lime (green), see notes ...

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Submit. Hey! If you submit your awesome photos or stories, the Rainbow might post them. You heard that right. You might be featured on the Rainbow's Tumblr ...

Darkside Skittles | Junk Food Betty

Darkside Skittles. Where to begin? First of all, this is the most entertaining junk food packaging/concept I've seen in a long time. "The Other Side of the ...


Bulk candy Skittle candies, in candy shells bursting with the taste of strawberry, grape, lemon, orange, and green apple or sometimes is lime. Catch the ...

Who Invented the Skittles ? - EMToast

Who Invented the Skittles? Who invented Skittles? It’s a simple question with many answers. An internet search would lead you to believe they were ... : Skittles Original Candy, 2.17 ounce (36 ...

Unicorns really do exist. They have to, right? Because how else can you explain the big fruit flavors packed into every bite-size Skittles candy? There’s ...

Do All Skittles Taste The Same? Details About ... - YourTango

Do all Skittles taste the same? The world has gotten wind that all candy Skittles have the same flavor, no matter what their color. Here are the details ...

7-Eleven_Kosher_Slurpee Kosher Listing: STAR-K

The following list is for consumer information only and is accurate at the time of printing. The flavors listed are not certified by STAR-K. 7-Eleven ...

Taco Bell Is Now Selling Skittles Slushies -

The chain just launched a Skittles Strawberry Freeze, calling it "your favorite Skittles flavor," thus writing the latest chapter in the unofficial 7 ...

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Bill Creedy Cup - 2017/2018 Sponsored by the Sheridan Harris, Bridgwater Plant Fabrications.