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The Streamlight Strion HPL High Lumen Flashlight is a compact, long-range, hand-held flashlight that produces a wide, 615 lumen beam pattern with brighter ...

Streamlight Strion LED Rechargeable Flashlight with Battery

Streamlight Strion LED Rechargeable Flashlight with Battery The Streamlight Strion LED is a compact rechargeable flashlight designed for professional use.

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Streamlight Stinger Series These compact, super-bright, rechargeable, lightweight personal lights are the most powerful lights ever made in their size. ...

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Rechargeable tactical lighting. Strion's shockproof, 50,000-hour-lifetime C4 LEDs crank out a blazing 160 lumens. Water-r

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Streamlight STRION C4 LED Flashlight. Rechargeable, compact STRION® LED offers three variable intensity modes, strobe mode and the latest in LED technology.

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