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Learn how to look at the sun safely, and you can enjoy solar eclipses and everyday sun viewing without any worry of permanent eye damage from the sun.

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Specially made thin, metal-coated polyester is the most popular filter material for viewing the Sun with binoculars or a telescope. Metal-on-glass filters ...

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As people across the US prepare for the solar eclipse on Monday, a terrifying video showing the dangers of looking directly at the sun through a telescope ...

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Don't ever look directly at the Sun through a telescope or in any other way, unless you have the proper filters. Can one damage their eyes by looking ...

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New Sun filter and holder. Solar filter and holder/cover to fit on your telescope. The Baader film is easily replaceable on these solar filter holders.

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Light pollution is waging war on amateur astronomy. Don't surrender - fight back with an Orion SkyGlow broadband telescope eyepiece filter! It's an ...

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Sun with sunspots and limb darkening as seen in visible light with solar filter.

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The UK's premier retailer for Telescopes and Telescope Accessories. For all your astronomical telescopes including Orion Telescopes, Celestron Telescopes ...

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That's Right, Save Up To $250 On A Tiny Titan.This scope has introduced so many people to the sun. For some it is the start of their fascination with our ...

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The moon is a great target for stargazers just starting out. But there are some tricks to observing the moon with a telescope or binoculars. Here's some ...