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Welcome to "The Evidence Bible Online." The Evidence Bible is commended by Josh McDowell ...

Ray Comfort's 'THE EVIDENCE BIBLE' Exposed!

Ray Comfort's 'THE EVIDENCE BIBLE' Exposed! By David J. Stewart | September 2008 | Updated April 2017. I have a copy of THE EVIDENCE BIBLE in front of me.

The Evidence Bible

For more evangelism resources please visit Living Waters Publications, Bellflower, CA, USA - 1(562)920-8431 Bridge-Logos Publishers ...

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I ordered The Evidence Bible to help prepare me to share my faith. If there is anything we should attempt to improve, it is our ability to share the Good News! The official title of this Bible is "The Way of the Master Evidence Bible."

The Evidence Bible: Irrefutable Evidence for the Thinking ...

The Evidence Bible was created to strengthen and encourage believers and to help them evangelize nonbelievers. It contains in-depth study notes, hands-on ...

The Evidence Bible - Living Waters Publications

Scientific Facts in the Bible. 1. Only in recent years has science discovered that everything we see is composed ...

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The Evidence Bible [Ray Comfort] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete Old & New Testament, soft cover. Easy-reading KJV

Ray Comfort: The Evidence Bible < Spiritual Life in God ...

Ray Comfort talks with CBN about "The NKJV Evidence Bible", which is the Scriptures along with 200 of the top most commonly asked questions about Christianity.