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Click Here To Purchase Vilene Stabilizer Vilene WSS is very similar to other nonwoven or pellon type fiber based stabilizers. It closely resembles other cut away backings you may already be using. Once you have finsihed stitching with Vilene, cut away as much as possible, immerse it in water and it will dissolve leaving just your stitching.

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Find great deals on eBay for vilene stabilizer and water soluble stabilizer. Shop with confidence. vilene stabilizer

Product Features... This wash away stabilizer is the ideal stabilizer for lace or other ...

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Vilene Dissolvable Stabilizer. Vilene D0102 Dissolvable Stabilizer. Vilene D0102 from Freudenburg a Global Company is a non woven dissolvable stabilizer.

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Vilene™ D0102 by Freudenburg is a non woven dissolvable stabilizer. Vilene™ has the look, feel, and the strength of a cut away but washes away in seconds when submerged in warm water. Vilene™ is essential and ideal for applique, heirloom sewing, sweaters, towels, T-shirts, sweat shirts, and napkins.

White Vilene Iron On Stabilizer | Embroidery Backing

Vilene Iron On stabilizer is suitable for waistbands of medium on heavy-weight outer fabrics eg. cotton twills, denim, canvas etc. Medium to firm handle. Directions of Use. Set iron to the wool/cotton setting and allow to heat. Place the Vilene Iron On stabilizer with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric.

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Known as the brand leaders in Stabilisers and Fusibles, you can be sure of the quality and result with the range of products that Vilene offer.

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Water soluble embroidery stabilizers (WSS) will dissolve completely when immersed in water leaving no backing at all. They are prefect when you need an embroidery stabilizer to disappear leaving nothing behind. They are most widely used in free standing embroidery applications such as free standing lace (FSL).

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About Vlieseline. For more than 60 years Vilene has become the essential interlining for all kinds of applications. Our Vilene products are the most famous ...

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Wholesale Machine Embroidery Supplies, Bobbins, Thread, Stabilizer, Backing, Topping, Amazing Designs, Software, Hardware Aids, Hoops, Magna Hoop, Quick ...