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Virkon S - VIRKON

Virkon™ S is the breakthrough disinfectant formulation that defines on farm biosecurity. With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of ...

Biocidal technologies, for animal health biosecurity - VIRKON

Portfolio. The Virkon™ range of science-based biocidal technologies, for animal health biosecurity, have been specifically engineered to provide highly ...

Virkon S Tablets & Powder Disinfectant - Pharmacal

Product (Sizes available) 10 Lb Tub: 12 bottles /case (50 tablets ea.) Virkon S Powder: 03010F : Virkon S Tablets : 03075F

Virkon - Wikipedia

Virkon is a multi-purpose disinfectant. It contains oxone (potassium peroxymonosulfate), sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, sulfamic acid, and inorganic buffers.

Virkon S Safety Data Sheet - Dolittle Farm

antec virkon s dupont animal health solutions. emergency telephone number (uk) 01787 377305 page 1 of 7 hsd/36i antec virkon s safety data sheet ...

Virkon S – Secret of the Champions | the Loft Report

Jack Barkel, of South Africa, first introduced me to Virkon S, in 2002. I used it weekly during during the last half of the 2002 YB season and also during ...

Virkon S Broad Spectrum Disinfectant | QC Supply

Virkon S disinfectant and virucide has powerful, proven performance against more than 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Powder form. 10 lb. pail.

Virkon® Disinfectants from Day-Impex Ltd

Virkon ® Disinfectant. The ultimate virucidal disinfectant that kills all 22 families in one safe cleaning action. It represents the first new approach to ...

Virkon® Greenhouse – JVK

VIRKON® GREENHOUSE Virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant. Non corrosive for disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment in greenhouses.

RelyOn Virkon Leaflet -

R elyOn™ Virkon ® is a reliable broad spectrum high level disinfectant which combines effectiveness, safety and ease of use with environmental compatibility